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Important Reminder: Points you can earn this month for free: Daily tasks: 341; Weekly emails: 120; View TConnect page: 20; 3 stream posts per week: 12; Rate your sponsor this month: 10; Total: 503VP - so make a commitment to log in every day and do all your tasks.

Welcome to SFI

Watch this video.

SFI: Simplified

Getting Started with SFI

Watch this video to get acquainted with the basic content and the basic task that need to be done as affiliate.

Getting a clear Grasp of SFI Business Model

As you see there are two buttons that will teach you the basic of SFI. These are found at the upper right corner of your home page colored BLUE for SFI Basics and GREEN for launch pad. Just go ahead and familiarized your self with these two buttons. The Launch Pad is designed for you to learn 1 lesson a day for 30 days. But its ok to read them as far as you can understand them. Then at the end of each lesson there is a question that you will answer and you get point when you answer it right. You can always go back to this anytime so don't worry if you miss many of its information.

Getting into your Daily Task.

The video also showed you how to earn 11 versa points daily. If you collect these points you earn 330 VP. You can also earn 120VP from weekly task and also from monthly task.

You need focus always of BIG picture, your personally earned VP is primarily for your RANK it has little value and you can not bank on that for substantial income. Your target VP that can earn substantial income will come later, This is called your Matching VP. This will come in hundreds of thousands as you concentrate on growing your organization. So the focus is to grow your organization by getting more affiliates.

Getting More Affiliates.

The video also showed you that SFI has provided us a lot of ideas on how to get more affiliates. I would like to say this in advance that if you don't work in your affiliates you might as well forget SFI because you can never earn good income without active affiliates. Simply because your income will be coming from the purchases of your affiliates and from the VP they earn and you have harvested as Matching Points. So learn and work with you affiliates early if you want to earn your income early.

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